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Blood on the Table—Part 7

A third effect associated with the blood of Christ is reconciliation. We have seen in the previous post that Romans links justification with reconciliation in chapter 5. The work of Christ on the cross has become the just ground for … Continue reading

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Blood on the Table—Justification—Part 6

Propitiation is only one of the achievements Jesus accomplishes for us by His blood. Jesus’ blood is the means of our justification. Paul makes this point in Romans 5.9: “Therefore, since we have now come to be considered righteous by … Continue reading

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Blood on the Table—Part 5

What, then, are we to do with the ideas we’ve been discussing? Does “propitiation” relate only to removing God’s wrath, or only to purification of pollution? Was Dodd right, or was Morris? My point of view is that both are … Continue reading

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Blood on the Table—Part 4

In the last post we looked at the problems surrounding the concept “propitiation.” In this one, we survey the usage of the word in the Bible. Our first obstacle is that the word group is not used frequently in the … Continue reading

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Blood on the Table—Part 3

The next several posts will address eleven effects that the blood of Christ has accomplished, that we celebrate at the table. The first of these effects is propitiation. The idea is a difficult one that has been debated for almost … Continue reading

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Blood on the Table — Part 2

Blood is such an important idea in the Bible, it will take several posts to address the implications of blood in the Lord’s Supper. In this one we will overview the Bible’s use of blood. According to one count, the … Continue reading

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Blood on the Table? Part 1

We have discussed both wine and the cup at the Supper. But Jesus calls it blood. If people talked about such things at a dinner celebration, we would be sickened. But Jesus brought this up among Jews for whom blood … Continue reading

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