Out of town

We will be out of town for the weekend, starting on Friday, visiting family. Then, Tuesday and Wednesday I have faculty meetings, and Thursday I leave for Poland. I’ll be speaking for the national staff of Campus Crusade of Poland August 23 to 27, returning to the US on August 29, speaking on living as people of faith.

Please be in prayer for this ministry. This also means that posts will be spotty for some time. Thank you for checking the blog and being so faithful.

About jamesallman

Jim Allman is a Bible teacher living in the Dallas, TX area. He taught 18 years in Memphis, TN at Mid-South Bible / Crichton College, and has been at Dallas Seminary since 2000. He is married to Jan and has three married children, Jill, Jim, Jr., and Julie, and six grandchildren, Hannah, Sara, Gabriel, Miles, Asher, and his little brother, Asa.
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2 Responses to Out of town

  1. John Reineck says:

    Have a wonderful and fruitful trip.


  2. Christine Browning says:

    Will pray for you. Travel safe.

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