About Time!

It’s been too long since I last wrote. Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been (and still am) out of the country speaking in Poland for Campus Crusade. But now it’s about time to get back to work. The conference here is over and I leave tomorrow (August 28) to return to Dallas.

The delay was necessary in part because of travel. But another cause was the need to study an issue that I know that I must address regarding the efficacy of the blood of Christ. In my notes on the Lord’s Supper, the next subject is to be access to God, found especially in Hebrews 10.19-20. However, I have not been altogether sure what it means. What do we Christians have that the Old Testament saint lacked. I think that today I made a breakthrough. I need to do a little more work before I’m sure, but very soon now I’ll be able to add to the studies that I’ve been giving.

Thank you for your patience. I noticed that some of you have been checking the blog even in this time when I’m writing nothing. I appreciate your loyalty, and I’ll try not to do this again. But it’s better not to write when one has nothing to say.

D. A. Carson tells a story of his teenage years when he knew everything and explained it to everyone. His father, a taciturn man, was accustomed to quoting the KJV relevant to any situation that arose. In the midst of one of Carson’s “insightful” comments, his father said, “He knew not what to say, so he said.” Let that not be my epitaph.

About jamesallman

Jim Allman is a Bible teacher living in the Dallas, TX area. He taught 18 years in Memphis, TN at Mid-South Bible / Crichton College, and has been at Dallas Seminary since 2000. He is married to Jan and has three married children, Jill, Jim, Jr., and Julie, and six grandchildren, Hannah, Sara, Gabriel, Miles, Asher, and his little brother, Asa.
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5 Responses to About Time!

  1. Jared Verwiel says:

    Thanks Dr. Allman. I am glad to see you still wrestling with issues and encouraging constant critical study of God’s Word. Selfishly, I’ll be glad to see you back in the States!

  2. Travel safely, Jim. We miss you and look forward to your return.

  3. Sheila Davenport says:

    Jim, glad you made it back safe to the states. I haven’t made any comments lately b/c I, was, and still am, trying to get my head around the fact that endurance is not the reward of heaven or a prerequisite for heaven. I have just resolved that I will take it on faith, enduring to the literal end, and then ask Jesus what the meaning really is. By this time it won’t really matter, GLORY!!!!

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