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Two comments have come in on the most recent blogs, comments that were so thoughtful and important, they triggered significant responses. Be sure to read the comments on the preceding post, “Conviction of sin,” for it raises a necessary question … Continue reading

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Conviction of sin?

A thoughtful reader posted a response to the last entry in the blog asking about the difference between guilt and conviction of sin. In our Christian thinking, we use the word conviction in two different ways. One refers to the … Continue reading

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Cleansing the Conscience — Conscience and Guilt — Part 2

Guilt is a concept we are intimately familiar with. It’s the member of the family that belongs at any family gathering, but everyone tries to avoid. But we do not often carefully consider what guilt is. Our purpose now is … Continue reading

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Cleansing the Conscience — Conscience and Guilt — Part 1

We’ll deal with the conscience and guilt together since they are so closely related. The Greek word translated conscience can mean one of two things: “awareness of information about someth., consciousness;” or “the inward faculty of distinguishing right and wrong, … Continue reading

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Old Testament Sacrifice—2

Surely only the work of Jesus brings full forgiveness, and “It is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sin” (Heb 10.4). If this is true, how can we claim that by Old Testament sacrifice, people … Continue reading

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Old Testament Sacrifice

It is impossible to talk about cleansing the conscience without also addressing what cleansing rituals mean in the Old Testament. We tend to relate the concepts of “clean” and “unclean” to moral categories, for after all, cleanliness is next to … Continue reading

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