Old Testament Background for the Lord’s Supper

In the (too long!) past entries we have looked at the New Testament’s contributions to thinking about the Lord’s Supper. My intention now is to turn to the Old Testament. Because I am taking on new responsibilities temporarily in my position at school, my plan is to contribute one post per week.

We’ll begin in the book of Genesis in chapter 3 and then move to Leviticus for a series of studies in the sacrifices in chapters one to seven. It will be important to think about Passover. However, the goal will be to look at only those elements actually present in the Old Testament presentation of the Lord’s Supper, since my goal is to write a sort of biblical theology of the Supper. Therefore, the assumed practice of the Supper in the first century AD and the modern practice of the Supper will play no direct part in these studies. When we come to consider it, we’ll point out works that adequately address the issue. Then we’ll turn to the book of Psalms, looking at the six psalms sung at Passover, Pss 113–118, and finally look at the Psalms of the Suffering Servant in Isaiah (42, 49, 50, and 53).

Two areas of New Testament study require further study: the meals of the gospels as foreshadowing the Messianic Banquet and other eschatological connections of the Supper. These we may pursue on completion of the Old Testament material.

In spite of the long hiatus, it is my hope that you will find these studies stimulating to your experience at the Lord’s Supper in the local church.

About jamesallman

Jim Allman is a Bible teacher living in the Dallas, TX area. He taught 18 years in Memphis, TN at Mid-South Bible / Crichton College, and has been at Dallas Seminary since 2000. He is married to Jan and has three married children, Jill, Jim, Jr., and Julie, and six grandchildren, Hannah, Sara, Gabriel, Miles, Asher, and his little brother, Asa.
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13 Responses to Old Testament Background for the Lord’s Supper

  1. Matt Driggers says:

    Thanks for putting this out there. Looking forward to reading your insights.

  2. Jan Allman says:

    I am glad you have returned to this study.

  3. Nancy Bailey says:

    I gained so much from your classes as well as your previous studies on the Lord’s Supper. Thank you for continuing this study.

  4. jamesallman says:

    Thank you, Nancy, for your kind words.

  5. Stephen Heron says:

    Great to see you on the blog again! Looking forward to future entries and praying for your new duties as acting chair of Bible Ex. Congrats.

  6. I’m excited to see that you’ll be blogging again, and especially that the OT examination is upcoming. Thank you for taking time to do this.

  7. Adam Scheidegger says:

    Ready for your next post Dr. Allman! 🙂

    • jamesallman says:

      I’m behind. Last week I was in Mt. Hermon California for a conference. It was a heavy schedule of preparation and we had next to no internet connection. I’ll get back to it tomorrow!

      James E. Allman
      American Procrastinators Society

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