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Cleansing the Conscience — Conscience and Guilt — Part 6

But how can I face the fact that my blameworthiness remains? This question dogs many who confront these ideas. First, it is a necessity that my blameworthiness remain. It is the presupposition of being a recipient of grace. Ephesians 2.7 … Continue reading

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Cleansing the Conscience — Conscience and Guilt — Part 4

But what about subjective guilt? How can I deal with my awareness of my unworthiness? The problem really lies with the question. How can I be anything other than unworthy and be at the same time a recipient of grace. … Continue reading

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An aside still concerned with grace

A blog (Bestiaria Latina, that I read posed a question: Quid leges sine moribus?, “What good are laws without moral character?” The New Testament’s answer to this is clear. 1 Timothy 1.9-10: “… the law is not meant for … Continue reading

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The Cup at the Table — Part 4

The work that we have done so far on “cup” suggests that it is one-sided, only referring to the wrath of God (cp. also Hab 2.16; Pss 11.6; 75.8; and Lam 4.21). There are a few other references that we … Continue reading

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Grace at the Lord’s Table — Part 3

The previous two posts have reviewed crucial material for understanding the message of Mark’s gospel. It presents Jesus as LORD, Son of God, who reveals Himself to His own disciples who do not understand Him, or only half do. How … Continue reading

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