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Cleansing the Conscience — Guilt and Cleansing — Conclusion

So what is the conclusion of all that we have been saying? Cleansing of the conscience is the solution to the problem of guilt. The cross delivers us from the penalty of sin (from objective guilt). But the problem of … Continue reading

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Cleansing the Conscience — Forgiveness — Red Heifers — Part 10

I grew up in the largest cow town in America, but I’m still essentially a city boy. So I had to ask what a red heifer would be. The word has two elements, in the Bible. First, a heifer is … Continue reading

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Cleansing the Conscience — Conscience and Guilt — Part 9

How can I face my blameworthiness? It depends on whose honor I am seeking. If I am intent on seeking my own honor (as in John 5.44; 7.18!), then I am not seeking the honor of God. If I am … Continue reading

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Access to God

So, what are we to make of the access that Hebrews 10 teaches we have with God? What does it mean? Close attention to the context in Hebrews will bring us good understanding. God has grated us bold “entrance into … Continue reading

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Blood on the Table—Part 10

We found four verses in the NT that bear on the blood of Christ accomplishing redemption: Ephesians 1.7; Hebrews 9.12; 1 Peter 1.19; and Romans 3.24. In this post we will study Ephesians 1.7. “In Him we have redemption through … Continue reading

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