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Blood on the Table—Part 16—Forgiveness

We are looking at Ephesians and Colossians for their teaching on forgiveness. Two verses remain, in these books, that we must treat, Ephesians 4.32 and Colossians 3.13. The goal, as consistently in these studies, is to see the impact of … Continue reading

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Blood on the Table—Part 11

Teaching children what is valuable is a significant part of any parent’s job. In the same way, acculturating people to the Family of God requires teaching what constitutes value. Peter addresses this very issue in 1 Peter 1.18-19. The verses … Continue reading

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Blood on the Table—Part 8

In the previous post we explored the effect of the blood of Christ in accomplishing reconciliation. In this post we must apply these ideas to the Lord’s Supper. When we take the cup at the Supper, we are celebrating the … Continue reading

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Blood on the Table—Part 7

A third effect associated with the blood of Christ is reconciliation. We have seen in the previous post that Romans links justification with reconciliation in chapter 5. The work of Christ on the cross has become the just ground for … Continue reading

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